With more than 20 years of experience as a manufacturer of machinery and tooling for any kind of stone, Ghines of Italy recently introduced its newest product, GTools - a set of tool bits where each tool represents the best possible solution pertaining to its function.

Total accuracy of diameter sizes, thickness, radius, etc. is crucial in the development and manufacturing of CNC tooling. To ensure precision, the manufacturer follows a detailed process - from the production of the metallic supports to the diamond application. All parameters have to be followed with zero tolerances, specifically for the indeformable vacuum brazed and electroplated wheels, according to Ghines. In addition to the standard profiles, the company also manufactures tooling of any shape for custom edge profiling .

Given the prevision of GTools and the fact that they cannot be deformed, a single wheel can be replaced without resetting the overall tooling on your CNC machine, which saves time.