Global Equipment Group partnered with Dal Prete Engineering of Italy to introduce the first fully automatic and self-cleaning water recycling system for the stone industry. The Mini Compact L 3.0 Premium is a wastewater treatment machine with complete automation ability. It is the latest evolution of the Mini Compact L machine, with the same base features (production of clarified water and dewatered sludge). The Mini Compact L 3.0 is also able to handle any ordinary maintenance procedure automatically due to a dedicated software and a new mechanical design. Moreover, most of the manual operations necessary for machine functioning can now be performed automatically; e.g. flocculant powder dosage and storage. It is the most suitable solution for fabrication companies wishing to reduce manual interventions in the various maintenance operations to a minimum, and who want to keep very high safety standards at the same time. Touch-screen controls have been increased and every operation has been made simple and immediate, saving fabricators significant amounts of time on cleaning, maintenance and manual operations with traditional filter press or bag systems. The Mini Compact L 3.0 as a standard unit can recycle up to 160 gallons per minute and also has the ability for an additional filter for feeding spindles on CNC machinery.