Park Industries has introduced the Park Discovery CNC stoneworking center - a 50-tool CNC machine that is guaranteed to increase productivity and enhance operator efficiency with a two-table set-up. While the Discovery is profiling curved edgework or producing complex shapes on one table, the stone on the second table can be positioned, enhancing the operator's efficiency by close to 25% - saving time and money.

The Discovery's Siemens® CNC controls have accessible control screens at both tables. The simple touch-screen stoneworking system interfaces with Windows®XP operating system, allowing operators to program the 50-tool Discovery without needing to memorize G-codes. In addition, the powerful StoneCAM operating system allows operators to set-up complex processes at a remote CAD/CAM station.

The Discovery's 200-tool library allows operators to create customized profile edges. In addition, the Discovery's built-in laser templating system allows operators to create tool paths from templates that would be difficult or impossible to draw in a CAD system. The additional laser projection system allows efficient and accurate vacuum pod placement and outlines the tool path - saving set-up time.

This innovative, 5-axis machine has taken CNC stone cutting to a new level. This powerful, efficient machine can route, edge and polish straight and decorative radius shapes 1 cm (3⁄8 inch) to 6 cm (2 3⁄8 inches), with high efficiency.

Features include the following:

• X-axis (crosstravel movement); length of movement: 13 feet, 2 inches; maximum speed: 1,000 inches per minute

• Y-axis: (gantry movement); length of movement: 19 feet, 7 inches; maximum speed: 1,000 inches per minute

• Z1-axis (spindle rise and lower movement); length of movement: 12 inches; maximum speed: 500 inches per minute

• Z2-axis (saw rise and lower movement); length of movement: 12 inches; maximum speed: 500 inches per minute

• C-axis (saw rotation); length of movement: 360-degree continuous saw; maximum speed: 60 RPM's

In addition to the state-of-the-art features of the Park Discovery, operators also receive the legendary customer service provided by Park including: Next Day or No Pay parts guarantee, a full 12-month warranty program and 24-hour troubleshooting customer support, seven days a week. The Park Discovery also includes a remote operation and diagnostics capability via modem, which allows Park's customer service department to dial-in directly to the equipment for operator assistance.