Poseidon Industries, an American brand of stone equipment, has the collective experience of over 50 years in stone equipment from all over the world. This has served to integrate the best concepts from manufacturers across the world into Poseidon’s line of equipment. The T-REX five-axis four-in-one CNC work center has the capabilities of a:The T-REX five-axis four-in-one CNC work center

• Four-axis CNC bridge saw with vacuum lifters that automatically pick pieces up off the table and move them in between processed cuts

• Five-axis CNC bridge saw with profiling and dimensional sculpting capabilities

• Four-axis CNC profiling work center for profiling edges and cutting out sinkholes for kitchen countertops

• Five-axis CNC milling, profiling and sculpting CNC for dimensional and bas-relief applications

Machine viewing can be scheduled upon request in Oklahoma.