Water Treatment Technologies' patent for its EnviroSystem has been approved by the U.S. Patent Office. “This is an important step forward for the industry as it continues to recognize that the EnviroSystem brings a new technology to the stone fabrication industry,” according to the company. “The EnviroSystem does not rely on gravity, chemicals or centrifugal force to filter and recycle the waste water produced in the stone fabrication process. This new technology and unique process is at the heart of the patent and what had made over 150 customers select the EnviroSystem for their operation.”

This patented process allows the EnviroSystem to work with natural stone, engineered stone and quartz surfaces. It also allows the fabrication facility to easily dispose of the waste and to recycle 100% of their water, Water Treatment Technologies reports.

The EnviroSystem produces water polished to less than 2 microns, but the fact that the water is crystal clear verifies that the water is safe for all polishing applications. For more information, visit www.watertreatmentonline.com.