Water Treatment Technologies (WTT) has announced the introduction of the patent-pending “Concentrator,” a fully automatic, sediment dewatering and gray water recycling system. The Concentrator provides the ultimate in gray water recycling through WTT’s patented GrayTech system, and now incorporates “guaranteed” uninterrupted dewatering of your shop’s solids. WTT “guarantees” that there will be no loss of dewatering capabilities until the bag is filled with solids, according to the company.

According to John Fallon, National Sales Manager, the Concentrator fills a niche in the stone market. “For many years, our customers have been asking for a bag system that truly dewaters -- and works as long as they do,” he said. “The Concentrator will deliver that and more.”

In addition to its superior dewatering abilities, the Concentrator includes a re-usable fiber mesh bag creating less waste, facilitating the disposal of the driest bag-based stone sediment in the market -- no drying in the bag is required.

The Concentrator is available in several sizes to suit the varied needs and budgets of stone fabrication facilities nationwide, reports WTT. “Designed for ultimate efficiency, the Concentrator can be enlarged and/or upgraded as needed,” said Tim Snow, Manufacturing Manager for Water Treatment Technologies. “In addition, current Water Treatment Technologies EnviroSystem owners can add the Concentrator to reduce their filter press cleaning frequencies to a weekly event.”