The bridge-sawing machine, LT FP/600, is now available from Levi Tunisi. The saw was designed for the cutting and squaring of marble, granite and stone slabs for an easy and precise manufacturing of the different products, according to the company. The head-holding bridge's structure is built of a double section beam with electro-welded strengthened steel structure, which assures higher stiffness and absorption of the vibrations. The bridge moves transversally on interchangeable hardened steel guides, protected and in oil bath, with automatic programmable translation.

The bridge displacement, with sizes always appearing on a digital display, may be controlled by useful cloches from the main control panel or manually moved by a hand-wheel.

Optional features include a cut-marking laser, slide for inclined step cuts, electronic programmer, motorized table, tilting table, pneumatic material blockage and inverter for disc motor.