Trusty-Step International has added No.3001 Trusty-Step Vinyl Slip-Resistant Treatment to its anti-slip chemical line. This new product enhances the slip-resistant properties of vinyl as it cleans, the company reports.

According to Trusty-Step International's president, Stan Handman, testing conducted using a horizontal pull slip meter on ASTM specification resilient tiles has produced static coefficient of friction readings on dry surfaces which consistently exceed the ASTM and OSHA recommended level of .5 and the level of 0.6 established for horizontal surfaces by the American's with Disabilities Act of January 1992 (ADA). Handman further explains that since most floor finishes do not meet ADA require-ments, daily cleaning with No. 3001 will increase slip-resistant levels to 0.7, which exceeds ADA requirements. In addition to vinyl floors, the product can be used on marble, terrazzo, linoleum, concrete and sealed wood, and can be applied by mop or automatic scrubber.

Circle No. 249