The search for new technological advances in the production of porcelain has resulted in Apavisa, a Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer, to develop a new innovative product called Nanotech. A product with the technical and aesthetic advantages of porcelain tile, but with just 4.8 mm nominal thickness, Nanotech is also a sustainable product that reduces the environmental impact and offers economical and logistical advantages, reports the manufacturer. Non-Eclectic is one of the latest Nanotech collections to be introduced. Available in two finishes - natural and textured (pictured) - tiles in this collection were originally offered in white, copper and black. Apavisa presented two new colors - silver (pictured) and gold - in this collection at Cevisama 2011. Real silver and gold is applied to the porcelain tile with some of the latest advancements in technology.



Tile manufacturers and other industry professionals from around the world gathered in Valencia, Spain, from Tuesday, February 8 to Friday, February 11 for Cevisama 2011, the Ceramic, Natural Stone and Bath Equipment Show. The exhibition, which celebrated its 29th edition, is held annually and has become a landmark industry event.

This year’s show spanned approximately 1.3 million square feet, and included a total of 776 exhibitors - of which 232 were foreign manufacturers. The number of foreign exhibitors is a growing percentage that confirms the steady development of the exhibitions international profile, according to show organizers.

The exhibition halls were lined with fresh and innovative displays of ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles as well as products with metallic finishes. Large formats, bold colors and textured surfaces were a common trend seen while viewing the numerous showcases of products.

Additionally, it was evident that tile manufacturers understand the growing importance of the green building movement. Many companies now offer products comprised of recycled material and others are outlining their environmentally friendly practices during the production process. Green products such as the many that were presented at Cevisama 2011 not only possess aesthetic qualities, but also have technical attributes that make for good green design.

The following is a sampling of just some of the hundreds of tile products that were on display at this year’s exhibition:

Bruc Cerámica

Tiles in the Garden collection by Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer Bruc Cerámica have a natural look and rustic finish due to the traditional hand-made process in which they are made. Designed for exteriors, tiles in this collection can be laid directly on grass or sand without the necessity of laying cement, as all tiles have a thickness of 4 cm, according to the manufacturer. The tiles are available in a wide range of formats, which can be combined in a modular design.


The Studio M glass mosaic series by Ragno tempts the senses with sparkling, reflective colors in both mini-square and mini-brick shapes. Quick movements, slow transitions, graceful segues from one beautiful shade to another are all combined in stain-resistant, frost-resistant, allergen-free glass. The glass’ watery translucence displays wisps of color at varying levels within the tessera - producing unique, individual pieces within highly synthesized color ranges. Studio M’s technical characteristics accommodate exterior vertical and pool installations as well as Class 1 interior residential wall and bathroom floor applications, reports the manufacturer. Paper-faced mounting offers protection against scratching during shipment and installation; the 13- x 13-inch module is an easy-to-handle size. Colors include: Flamenco, Jive (pictured), Samba, Swing, Tango and Waltz.


The intrinsic elegance of the Palace series by Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer Grespania has been designed to look like polished marble. The product offers numerous aesthetic solutions when it comes to decorating large spaces, according to the manufacturer. The polished finish of the pieces provides brightness to any room and creates a sense of space and light, while preserving all the benefits of porcelain tile. The naturalness of the veins, the borders around the special pieces and the richness of the adornments - evoking the exuberant decoration of luxurious palaces - offer numerous ornamental combinations. The new collection is offered in a rectified finish and large-format tiles as well as a variety of colors, including: Pulpis, Tamir Gold and Tamir Beige, Rodas, Indalo, Carrara and Madras (pictured).


Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer Pamesa introduced a host of new products at Cevisama 2011. The Legno series is a red body porcelain tile that resembles the look of natural wood. A new 8- x 24-inch format for flooring was introduced, and the product is also available in 18- x 18-inch floor tiles.

Ceracasa Ceramica

Ceracasa Ceramica, a Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer, announced that it will soon launch ECOM4Tile®, which the company developed with AIDICO (Techological Institute of Construction). The porcelain tile - ideal for both floor and wall applications - will offer consumers a 16% cost savings in their electric bills, reports Ceracasa. This is achieved with nano energy storage cells called PCMs (from the acronym Phase Changing Material) that manage to accumulate and dissipate energy slowly, saving by reducing room temperature and reducing the time of use of air conditioning or heaters. ECOM4Tile is easy to clean and contains a biocidal treatment that kills bacteria and reduces odors produced by them, according to the manufacturer.


Natucer, a Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer, introduced Filter Floor, which is available in 12 different colors and an anti-slip finish. Filter Floor provides a floor covering that can be installed totally level on surfaces with an incline. For indoor applications a special grout is needed, while no grout or mortar are needed for outdoor use, reports the manufacturer.

Oceanside Glasstile

Oceanside Glasstile presents its latest collection, Harmonia. Poetic in nature, Harmonia marries layers of high-quality travertine with the rich colors of clean edge Muse glass. The resulting texture and depth create a truly stunning integrated mosaic that fulfills myriad design visions from classic to contemporary, reports the manufacturer. The product was recently applied for a kitchen backsplash in a private residence in Encinitas, CA, which was designed by Feras Irikat.

Distrimat s.l.

Distrimat s.l. displayed an assortment of decorative mosaics in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. From small iridescent glass tiles to metallic pieces to brightly colored mosaics that resemble the look of pebbles, the mosaics are ideal for a broad range of design applications.

Roca Cerámicas

Green City is the latest series in the Top Green Collection by Roca Cerámicas, a Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer. Top Green is made from 80% recycled preconsumption material certified by Bureau Veritas, and it is a completely ecological ceramic that takes sustainability into account throughout the entire production process. Top Green contributes to the sustainability of buildings according to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system, reports Roca Cerámicas.

Green City is a smooth and elegant ecological stone-look tile. This series, with its complete range of formats, finishes, colors and decorative pieces, is perfect for use in any space as flooring or as wall tile in both interior and exterior applications. The tile is available in an impressive 20- x 40-inch format as well as a selection of colors and finishes.


The Galant collection by Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer Peronda is a decorative and classical product line that is complemented by columns and ornate reliefs. The product was developed for consumers who are seeking sophistication and luxury, according to the manufacturer.


Marazzi’s ventilated wall system is an effective porcelain stoneware cladding solution for energy-efficient buildings, reports the manufacturer. There are three major components that comprise the system. First, an aluminium substructure grid is secured by brackets to the building’s exterior wall. This is followed by attachment of the thermal, waterproofed insulation layer. Finally, an external cladding layer of large-format porcelain stoneware with open joints is secured to the aluminium substructure - giving the building its unique “face.” According to Marazzi, its ventilated wall system can save up to one-third on energy usage.


Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer Saloni collaborated with renowned Spanish fashion designer Roberto Verino to create the Contempora collection. The porcelain tiles in this line are available in decorative patterns and three sizes: 6 x 36, 9 x 36 and 18 x 36 inches.


Cosentino, a leading manufacturer of quartz surfacing, showcased ECO™ by Cosentino, a line of countertop and surfacing material composed of 75% recycled material. The product is composed of 75% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled raw material. The recycled content is mixed with 25% natural material, including: stone scrap from mountains, quarries, manufacturing, and fabrication; and is bonded together with a proprietary eco-friendly resin made in part by corn oil and resin, according to the manufacturer. Unlike concrete-based countertops, ECO is a non-porous surfacing material and does not require sealers, according to the manufacturer.

Architects and building teams will gain points toward LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for a building project that utilizes ECO™ by Cosentino surfacing. ECO™ by Cosentino is Greenguard certified for low chemical emissions.

Tau Cerámica

The Tallin collection by Tau Cerámica, a Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer, is one of the company’s newest product lines that is defined by texture and depth. The tiles in the collection feature a raised basketweave, and are available in four colors: white, blue, brown and white.


Cevisama 2011 marked the one-year anniversary that Porcelanatto became a Tau brand. To mark this anniversary, Porcelanatto introduced a new collection at this year’s exhibition that demonstrates a full range of decorative products the company offers. Cronos is a very high-tech product, which has been especially developed for application in public spaces, according to the manufacturer. Tiles in the collection are available in 12- x 12- and 24- x 24-inch format and five colors: beige, white, gray, brown and black.


Mapei, a leading manufacturer of installation and maintenance products, introduced its newest specialty grout, Ultracolor Plus, which is packed with innovative features. These include:

• Unique DropEffect Technology has been incorporated into premium sanded Ultracolor Plus, where it reduces surface absorption to help repel water, dirt and grime from penetrating grout joints - making cleaning and long-term maintenance a breeze.

• Extended working time and ease of use make Ultracolor Plus installer-friendly, while rapid-setting technology allows foot traffic in 3 to 4 hours.

• The efflorescence-free grout provides maximum color consistency.

• Ultracolor Plus can be used for joint widths from 1/16 - to 1-inch (1.5 mm to 2.5 cm).

• LEED-compatible Ultracolor Plus contains BioBlock™ technology to help protect it from mold and mildew.

• Rated CG2WAF per ISO 13007, Ultracolor Plus also exceeds ANSI A118.7 and A118.6 standards.

• Ultracolor Plus is available in 36 colors, including five earth tones that reflect the latest trends in interior design.

Azulejos Plaza

Tile of Spain branded manufacturer Azulejos Plaza offers Tuscany, a porcelain tile produced using a combination of different reliefs and ink jet printing technology. The resulting look is classified as Rappolano, created from a selection of the finest rappolano stones available. This gives great variation from one piece to another - approximately 80 to 100 different faces, reports the manufacturer. The series is available in four colors: Bone, Copper, Terra and Gold and in sizes 18 x 18 and 12 x 24 inches with 2- x 2-inch mosaics.


Tile of Spain branded manufacturer Inalco continues to build upon the innovation of slim tile with unexpected applications of its SlimmKer brand such as wood paneling accomplished through tile on tile; bookcase facing and stand alone wall partitions. Inalco adds to this range of design versatility by adding to the products available in the SlimmKer line, including 80.8 large-format tile that offers a modern wood look with slight veining and lineal embossed pattern; Mist, a new series in the SlimmKer brand, is inspired by raw silk - taking on the appearance of a gently ribbed fabric with the occasional metallic gloss strand and available in blanco, piedra, camel, gris, grafito and negro; and Pyrene, which recreates the look of natural black slate with the revolutionary use of white on black digital printing to create the vein characteristics of the material. The line is available in a 12- x 48-inch format.

Ceracasa Ceramica

Touch, one of the newest product lines by Ceracasa Ceramica, is the up-to date concept of beauty, reports the manufacturer. Its range of neutral colors and silky finish results in rooms with clean and pure aesthetics.