Matrix Stone Products' new Daytona XL Automatic Edge Profile System is a blend of technology and simplicity wrapped up in a heavy-duty package. The company reports that the machine is capable of producing a variety of popular edge profiles to a high luster polish by recalling one of the pre-programmed edge profiles. In addition, custom shapes can be quickly created by the operator and added to the recall list.

According to Matrix, the designing engineers placed a high priority on ease of programming and operating the Daytona XL as well as fast travel speeds. The result was a machine with efficient output and an effective learning curve for the operator.

The Daytona XL uses brushless servo motors for both axes of motion. Servo motors are commonly used on most CNC machines due to their high degree of accuracy, high speed capability, and high torque ratings. The benefits of using this technology allow for greater flexibility in the use of the machine and very high repeatability of motions, the company reports.

Matrix guarantees that the purchase of the Daytona XL includes shipping, installation, and training at the customer's facility.