Marmo Meccanica USA offers the LCV, a highly effective edge polishing machine that produces perfectly polished flat edges in one pass, according to the company, which adds that it features a high rate of production at a low cost per lineal foot. Its small footprint, combined with its high reliability and low cost, make it ideal for granite shops in North America who want high-quality processing of marble, granite, porcelain and engineered stone.

Many types of edge treatments can be processed on the LCV. In addition to squared off or inclined edges, it polishes rounded and other convex shapes on slabs of marble or granite. The LCV machine polishes straight flat-squared 1- to 6 cm-thick marble or granite edges. It also automatically chamfers upper and lower edges if desired.

Production speeds are up to 100 lineal feet per hour. In addition, edge processing is continuous. Different pieces can be inserted sequentially and move past a series of mandrels so that they come out completely finished.

Granite and marble slabs are vertically inserted into the LCV. Handling slabs vertically not only reduces the possibility of material breakage, it also considerably reduces the floor space and work area requirements.

The LCV's supporting structure consists of a steel body of suitable thickness with tubular reinforcements and of a finely milled bench protected by wear-resistant material on which the conveyor belt runs.

The pressure bar, in order to push the pieces against the conveyor belt, is strong and reliable and equipped with specially designed rubber rollers.

The polishing and chamfering mandrels feature automatic pneumatic operation. The first smoothing mandrel and the chamfering mandrels are equipped with a mechanical clamp to enable the use of diamond grinding wheels.

The LCV was engineered to be extremely easy to operate. The operator simply turns on power to the various polishing heads. The pressure bar is applied to the desired thickness, and the workpiece to be polished is loaded. The pressure of the various polishing heads is adjusted, and finally, the conveyor belt is turned on and adjusted for speed. The LCV 711 is built for U.S. power standards of 230 V, 60 Hz.

Circle No. 291