Stripping paint, oil, latex, urethane, epoxy, elastomerics, graffiti and more from stone, wood, brick, metal, plaster, fiberglass and other porous and non-porous surfaces is a snap with Peel Away[r] 8, new from Dumond Chemicals, Inc. The newest edition to the full line of Peel Away[r] Paint Removal Systems, Peel Away[r] 8 is a versatile, water-based, fully biodegradable paste for use on interior and exterior surfaces. Environmentally safe, Peel Away[r] 8 does not contain caustics or methylene chloride, and is classified as non-hazardous, reports Dumond Chemicals. Designed with the user in mind, Peel Away[r] 8 does not generate fumes, is easy to apply and adheres readily to vertical and overhead surfaces. Use an airless sprayer, brush or roller to apply Peel Away[r] 8. Like other Peel Away formulations, Peel Away[r] 8 is a poultice system, with paste and fibrous laminated Peel Away[r] cloth cover packaged together. Smoothed in place over the paste, the cover controls evaporation during dwell time for optimum stripping performance. When covered with the cloth, Peel Away[r] 8 will stay moist for at least 72 hours as it lifts the coating from the surface being stripped. Not all projects will require use of the cloth cover. Peel Away[r] 8 is available in one- and five-gallon buckets through a nationwide network of paint stores and distributors.

Circle No. 288