BLOOMINGTON, IN-- A pair of new products in the Urban Hardscapes line from Indiana Limestone Company give designers and landscape architects new tools for transforming outdoor environments. Small format paving and plank paving deliver standardized landscape solutions that previously could only have been achieved with expensive, custom-manufactured stone elements.

Small format paving provides dimensional flagging at half the size of the company's current scale. The product is a better fit for smaller spaces. It can be combined with larger format pavers (as well as other smaller sizes) to produce entirely new patterns, introducing a welcome degree of versatility to the process. Available in the company's popular full color blend, it coordinates perfectly with the entire Urban Hardscapes line.

Similarly, plank paving enables the use of standardized products to create high-trend plank-based designs. It's available in three sizes that enhance designability, and in two thicknesses that accommodate various installations requirements. As with small format paving, its availability in full color blend enables perfect integration with other Urban Hardscapes offerings.

"We recently started up some new equipment that allows us to make our paving portfolio much more versatile," said Ben Wojcikiewicz, director of Product Development and Brand Marketing at Indiana Limestone. "Other manufacturers of Indiana limestone finished goods will be challenged to fabricate these products in a cost-effective manner. We're excited to be the first to bring these innovations to market in our Nation's building stone. These products are also available in our new Bush Hammer, Sandblast or Abrasive and Wire Brush finishes which can add additional textural depth to any design and can help both landscape designers and installers differentiate their projects in the market."