A new and improved Sealer & Adhesive Remover is now available from Aqua Mix's Problem Solver product line. The re-formulated Sealer & Adhesive Remover works faster, is safer to use, does not contain Proposition 65 materials (substances known to the State of California that may cause cancer or birth defects), will not etch polished marble, has a higher flash-point (220 degrees Fahrenheit -- making it non-combustible), is more effective at removing epoxy grout haze, and makes clean-up of residue and tools easier than before.

Aqua Mix Sealer & Adhesive Remover is a non-flammable, multi-purpose stripper formulated with a long dwell-time to remove most sealers, epoxy grout haze, urethane coatings, synthetic finishes, adhesives and paints. It also draws out deep-set stains and removes heavy grease build-up.

“The improved Sealer & Adhesive Remover is just one of many product enhancements our chemists are working on,” said Rick Baldini, president of Aqua Mix. “We are continually looking for ways to make our existing products more effective and easier to use.”

Circle No. 295