The Ghines Systhema is a table saw and multifunctional manual stoneworking unit capable of executing a wide range of functions on any kind of stone. Due to its operating head, which rotates on the horizontal and vertical axes, Systhema works as a table saw to process orthogonal, linear cuts up to 3,200 x 1,000 mm (126 x 39 inches), with thicknesses up to 66.5 mm (2 5/8 inches).

It also performs as a multi-functional router to shape and polish internal and external contours (with or without a template) on every kind of profile; sink cut-outs and recess drains; frameworks and skirting boards; grooves (inclined and flat); slots on edges (linear and shaped); and oval or round works.

The performance of Systhema is guaranteed by the versatile and powerful electrospindle. It is also supported by a frame structure that is equipped with orthogonal guides and micrometric advance as well as a work table with adjustable height. The frame requires no masonry and allows the head to be operated with the utmost accuracy along X, Y and Z axes, inside a working area of 3,200 x 1,200 x 160 mm (140 mm when suction cups are used). The presence of water and pneumatic air nozzles facilitates both the work of the operator and cleaning of the machine.

Two switches (+/-) adjust the spindle rotation speed from 1,500 to 12,500 rpm which is visualized on the digital readout. The operating head can fit several types of tools (shaped wheels, mills, rims, core bits, grinding tools, wheels for recess drains, blades for performing cuts, grooves and slots, etc.) allowing any kind of work.

On the back, a double-bracket system (one collapsible, built-in unit plus one removable, male-connected unit) holds the template, ensuring precise copying of any shape.

The vacuum system operates 16 suction cups (eight mobile on the table plus eight fixed on the front), which can be excluded individually, blocking the piece on the work surface and on the front panel (for processing frames).

On the operator's right side, a control panel regulates the spindle operation, the upright movement of the bench (rise and fall of 160 mm) and the turntable, which transforms Systhema into a semiautomatic machine.

For more information log on or contact Braxton Bragg of Knoxville, TN.