Bonanza Trade and Supply announced the addition of Sard USA to its line of products. Well established in Europe as the premier crane made specifically for slab management, Sard Autogru of Carrara, Italy, has chosen Bonanza Trade and Supply to introduce its machinery to the American marble and granite import/export market. The Sard D100 Series crane boasts a lifting capacity of over 20,000 pounds (10,000 kg) with a footprint of slightly over 13.5 x 7.3 feet, providing for optimum maneuverability in the typical stone yard. The long arm, with Sard's unique extension, can reach into the deepest corner of any closed top container, the company reports, making it a natural for the loading or unloading of full height stone slabs. The steel chassis is supported by four front driving wheels and two rear steering wheels. The four-cylinder, 80-hp diesel engine manufactured by Fiat Iveco provides the power to move the heaviest loads from container to slab storage safely and efficiently.

The Sard Autogru Co. began 42 years ago as a machinery repair facility for the local marble trade in Carrara, Italy. The quarry owners soon asked the repair shop for a small mobile crane designed for lifting and loading the heavy marble slabs, and the company began production of these unique machines in 1965. Each unit is carefully crafted and hand built, with an eye for Italian styling and detail. This meticulous process yields a preciously limited number of great machines each year, the company reports.