The Contourbreton NC 250 from Breton was specifically designed for stoneworking - as opposed to a machine that was "recycled" from the glassmaking or woodworking industries.

Contourbreton NC 250 is delivered completely assembled by sea in an open top 20-foot containder and by land in a standard truck. This allows purchasers to keep the transportation costs within manageable limits. Since it is shipped completely assembled, the machine can be installed and put into operation at the customer's facility in a short timeframe. The machine does not require any specialized foundation and can simply be anchored to the floor, as it is equipped with tanks to collect and disperse the cooling water.

According to Breton, the machine was engineered to be compact, well built, ergonomic, and aesthetically beautiful. Designed to work stone with optimum speed, precision and efficiency, the support frame of the Contourbreton NC 250 is a strong monoblock of welded, normalized steel, which insures high rigidity and accuracy, even when faced with heavy grinding stress. It is equipped with sliding doors, which are opened manually and have a large inspection window. The doors provide safety and also help deaden sound. Thus, the operator is protected from risks of being stuck by flying pieces.

The vertical travel of the spindle is 260 mm, and it is mounted on a cast iron structure for maximum rigidity even when fully extended. The Contourbreton NC 250 also features digital motors and an aluminum worktable with grooves for mechanical fastening vacuum pads. This ensures that the workpieces are tightly locked in place even during heavy grinding operations.

"Rapid" displacement of up to 50 meters per minute, allows for accelerated work cycles, and the machine has automated tool store with 11 + 11 positions. This permits automatic tool stocking, even of the cutting units with vertical or convex circular blades.

The Contourbreton NC250 is equipped with a continuous numerical control unit (CNC) by Siemens Sinumerik, with digital control on PC. The control panel is on an overhanging adjustable console with keyboard, and it provides graphic visualization on a color monitor.

A portable keypad is connected by cable to the console, which duplicates the main commands (axis movement, control knob, emergency stop, etc.). This allows the operator to directly control the machine from close proximity for delicate operations.

With Bretoncam original software, programming the Contourbreton NC 250 is designed to be easy, fast and always menu-driven. It is totally compatibility with the Windows environment, and the software creates two-dimensional geometries on different spatial planes, compatible with numerical control work centers with 3 or 4 axes. It allows for the import and export of IGES, DXF, VDA-FS files or files obtained by means of three-dimensional tracing systems.

A broad range of accessories to the Contourbreton are available on request, including laser positioning; a three-dimensional optical system; automatic tool control; a continuous rotating fourth axis; and a device for spindle inclination, which allows for the execution of drainboards with inclined surfaces.