The Blue Ripper stone rail saw was unveiled at StonExpo 2001 by Granite City Tool Co. and is now available for the stone industry. This saw was fully manufactured in the U.S. for optimum performance. This portable rail saw is designed for cutting stone slabs in fabrication shops, or on-site locations. It has a 2-hp, 15-amp, 110-volt Lesson induction motor and takes a 14-inch blade. Granite City Tool reports that this is a true industrial motor designed for continuous operation. This saw uses an 8-inch stainless steel flange to hold the blade into place, which provides blade stability and prevents flexing when taking deep cut plunges into the stone. The 8-inch flange also reduces noise, making a silent core blade unnecessary. Using a 14-inch blade, instead of a 7- or 8-inch blade, increases the average speed of cut to 9 1¿feet per minute, according to factory testing.

The Blue Ripper rail saw was designed for simple operation. Because the blade cuts right next to the rail, set-up is easy, with gauges, shims or offset measurements needed. The direction of the cut is counter-clockwise, which allows for faster gliding and reduced chipping.

The weight of the saw is 79 pounds, making it easy for one person to lift and move. The reduced weight also minimizes risk of cracking narrow or thin pieces of stone.

Standard items included with 110-V saw are a 25-foot industrial cord and GFI; a drip-proof Lesson true 15-amp 2-hp motor; standard 3/4 quick disconnect water fittings with a 25-foot hose; and 12 feet of aluminum-anodized rail with quick disconnect at 6 feet.

Saws with a true 220-volt, single-phase, 15-amp, 3-hp motor are also available. Continuous length and stainless steel rails are available up to 24 feet. One-piece lengths over 6 feet are not anodized and will require truck freight.

This new rail saw is available exclusively through Granite City Tool Co. of St. Cloud, MN, and Barre, VT; Euro Asia of West Palm Beach, FL; and Omega Diamond of Loomis, CA.