Bonsal now offers distributors, architects, specifiers, retailers and installers an expanded tile and grout color selection updated to reflect changing color trends in stone and ceramic tile, emphasizing earth tones including newer marble and slate colors. Of the 38 colors available, 17 are new. All 38 colors are available in sanded, unsanded and epoxy when mixed with Bonsal B-7000 Epoxy Mortar and Grout, according to the company. New, clean and easy-to-read packaging has also been introduced. Series numbers have been added to the products to better illustrate the quality and feature progression and to make specifying, ordering, stocking and on-the-job use easier, reports Bonsal. To simplify specifying types and colors of grout, two-digit numbers are assigned to each color and numbers are also assigned to sanded 700 and unsanded 800 grouts as well as to epoxy 7000 grouts. Using a simple combination of the proper grout type and color numbers makes error-free ordering quick and easy. Distributors have the option of using the number series or product names when ordering. The company also offers a tile grout channel kit with removable channels that makes it easier to select a grout color between two tiles. These channels also fit in a countertop display rack that allows consumers to take channels home with their tile samples.

Circle No. 293