The Cyclone V1 brazed bonded Cutter/Grinder, which is available through Diamax Industries, is designed to take everyday cup wheel performance to the next level. V1 grinds and cuts granite, marble, engineered stone or any hard surface. It grinds the hardest granites at a rate three times that of any conventional coarse cup wheel, the company reports. Its light-weight design removes the centrifugal force that is present with heavier and bulkier conventional cup wheels. The removal of this force and any vibration whatsoever enables a fabricator to be much more precise, as his hands are now free to change direction and work effortlessly over the stone, according Diamax Industries. V1 can also cut away unwanted material inside sink cut outs, and slice corners off a countertop with as much precision and sharpness as a top notch turbo blade. And since technology allows for so many high-grade diamonds to be packed per square centimeter, the life and cost of V1 is what you would expect from a standard cup wheel, reports the company.

Circle No. 235