with the T108 Automatic, followed by the T818 B, the T818 Access, the T58 and the CNC sawing machines,Thibautof France has made great strides to become a key provider of computerized machinery. The company's goal is to develop machinery that combines solid performance and modern technology - allowing users of the equipment to work with optimum speed and automation.

The company's T 108 Automatic V4 is a CNC machine that has been fully adapted to work in mass-production as well as in single model creation. The machine was engineered to offer easy accessibility and simple-to-use programming, and its technology has been thoroughly tested to ensure speed and accuracy, Thibaut reports. The unit offers the same level of quality for all finished products, according to the company.

The company has also developed a new tool for its T 818 Access CNC stoneworking center, which can execute polished grooves - often a bottleneck point for many stone producers, Thibaut reports. This allows fabricators to offer a value-added feature to finished stonework without adding excess labor requirements. Using an angle gear device and specific tooling, straight grooves are polished with optimum results, according to Thibaut.