VALENCIA, SPAIN-- Work on a fresh edition of Cevisama has just begun. The upcoming edition of the prime event for the ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings sector, slated to run from February 24 to 28, 2025 at Feria Valencia is already being marketed. The outlook for next year’s event is more than positive given the great results this last, 40th anniversary edition of Cevisama achieved, inspiring exhibitors to return and start to book spaces for the 2025 fair already.

Based on these developments, Cevisama 2025 will be focusing on boosting its role as an international business center for the ceramic tile and bathroom equipment industries, in a clear commitment to staging a fair where the spotlight is very firmly on European products. The strategy signals a commitment to quality and to a standard of exhibitor that can cater to the industry’s needs in terms of strengthening competitive strategies in the sector’s international markets.

On this subject, Fair Director Carmen Álvarez, says “Cevisama 2025 will if possible be an even more essential tool for generating business and opening markets for the ceramic tile and bathroom sectors. The 40th anniversary edition of the fair was a resounding success, with the number of visitors an endorsement of just how important a showcase such as Cevisama is. Next year we will make a qualitative leap forward so we create a package that encompasses trends, ideas and business opportunities and also provides openings into international markets”.

Cevisama’s strength as a catalyser for international business will be another of Cevisama 2025’s distinguishing features. The last edition of the Feria Valencia event attracted a higher percentage of international visitors that previously, rising from 25% to 28% of the 70,000 total number that attended. In other words, three out of every 10 buyers who came to Cevisama are foreign, and they came from 156 different countries. 

The figures prove that Cevisama has the potential to open international markets for our industry and, especially, are evidence of the fantastic response to the Buyer Recruitment Plan that Feria Valencia implemented last time round, in collaboration with institutions such as IVACE + i Internacional and the Generalitat Valenciana. More than one million euros were invested in the Plan. 

Not only will the International Buyer Recruitment Plan be implemented again in 2025, with the same investment being made, but Cevisama’s organizers will be giving exhibiting companies a more active role in inviting buyers, by suggesting buyers they feel are well worth inviting. “This is one of the key issues for Cevisama 2025”, Carmen Álvarez explains, “because our exhibitors will have the opportunity to nominate the most significant retailers and purchasing groups in the markets that are most important to them and that they would like see invited to Cevisama”, adding that “For our part, we will do everything we can ensure they come to the fair and generate the business that people are hoping for”.


Cevisama’s commitment to boosting business for the industry also translates into a new look for 2025. Created by specialist agency VXLAB and using the tagline #CevisamaConnection, the ceramics and bathroom fair is aiming to enhance its status as a networking opportunity. “The fair is a space where commercial contacts are made and the fair provides the best environment and the best activities for consolidating those contacts”, an agency spokesperson explains, adding that the new look aims to present Cevisama as “the must-attend event where everything goes on, where everything happens, where everything connects with everything”.