Sinkits Sink Clips Low Clearance Brackets are the go-to solution for sink repairs and installations in tight spaces with insufficient clearance between the sink rim and cabinet. Proudly made in America with top-grade quality materials, these brackets require no adhesives or glues. Designed for challenging scenarios, this specialized installation tool is ingeniously crafted for easy installation into the cabinet, flexing seamlessly to reach the underside of the sink rim. What sets these brackets apart is their ability to address installation challenges without the need for cutting or drilling into countertops, making them ideal for tight spaces and speedy repairs. Compared to alternative methods, this innovative tool is the fastest way to repair sinks, providing a quick and efficient solution. Its adaptability and simplicity in operation make it an indispensable choice for overcoming installation obstacles, ensuring a swift and effective process for sinks in constrained environments.


LC Brackets Install YouTube Video