VAN NUYS, CA - CaesarStone, a leading quartz manufacturer, has been selected by Sonobath, LLC as the exclusive stone supplier for its new collection of high-end vessel sinks. Created by celebrity designer Jae Omar, Sonobath’s portfolio of innovative sinks are available through architects, interior designers and designated kitchen and bath retailers.

The Sonobath line includes six distinctive vessel sink models - Ethos, Hydros, Chaos, Mythos, Titus and Lotus - each offered in a limited edition, natural palette of CaesarStone colors.

The sinks are hand crafted at the Sonobath’s Southern California studio and the floating pieces feature specially engineered hidden drain systems and are often mistaken for sculptural pieces, rather than the practical everyday vessels they are. Sonobath utilizes CaesarStone as the exclusive stone supplier - selected for its quality, durability and range of rich colors that embrace the essence of the designs.

“CaesarStone was chosen for use with our highly architectural, sculptural sinks for a number of reasons,” said Jae Omar. “Each sink is engineered to create a new dimension in water and stone, so it was critical to find a highly durable, slab-based surface that is clean, simple and consistent with colors that embrace the essence of the designs.”

The recent innovative pairing of the simple and elegant Lotus sink, which forces elegant natural curves into opposing corners of a slab of smooth stone, and CaesarStone’s newest innovation in texture Motivo, creates a feast for the eyes, according to the company. Motivo uses a new technology to apply an embossed effect to a range of CaesarStone surfaces.