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Veteran Bryan Anderson of the U.S. Army discusses his experience servicing two tours in Iraq and how the Gary Sinise R.I.S.E. program has assisted him since his return home.

U.S. Army Sergeant Bryan Anderson is a recipient of a home built through the Gary Sinise Foundation R.I.S.E. (Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment) program in partnership with the Natural Stone Institute. Through R.I.S.E., natural stone is provided for specially adapted, 100% mortgage-free, smart homes across the U.S. With a place to truly call home, these heroes and their families can move forward with their lives. R.I.S.E. was established to provide these heroes and their families with the resources to overcome their new life challenges. The Gary Sinise Foundation is committed to helping our wounded heroes increase their mobility and reclaim their self-reliance.

Anderson enlisted in the Army in April 2001 and had a “ship out” date of September 11, 2001. He served two tours of duty in Iraq and was stationed in the Baghdad area. He attained the rank of Sergeant in the Military Police (MP), conducted police training courses in Iraq and gained additional law enforcement experience at Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary as a prison guard.

02 SW 1123 Veterans Day feature on veteran, Bryan Anderson in his kitchen at the home built through the Gary Sinise Foundation R.I.S.E.

In October 2005, Anderson was injured by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that resulted in the loss of both legs and his left hand. As a result of his injuries, he was awarded a Purple Heart. Anderson received rehabilitation for a period of 13 months at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He is one of the few triple amputees to have survived his injuries in Iraq.

Anderson is the National Spokesman for Quantum Rehab, a division of Pride Mobility Corp., and travels the country making numerous personal appearances while delivering his message of perseverance and determination in major rehab facilities. In addition, he is a spokesman for USA Cares, a non-profit organization based in Radcliff, KY, that is focused on assisting post 9/11 veterans in times of need.

Stone World recently caught up with Anderson and committee members of the Natural Stone Institute and R.I.S.E. program. Listen to Anderson’s incredible story here.

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