CLEMSON, SC -- International Product Assurance Laboratories (IPA Laboratories), has been honored with the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL) Customer Quality Service Award. IPA Laboratories is one of ten independent laboratories recognized with this award for their exceptional commitment to quality service. Additionally, IPA Laboratories received a Special Recognition Award as one of the top three laboratories for timeliness. 

Participation in the ACIL Customer Quality Service Award Program requires laboratories to send satisfaction surveys to their customers, adhere to an ethics program, and sign a code of ethics. ACIL's client survey is specifically tailored to serve as invaluable feedback, meeting the requirements outlined in ISO/IEC1725:2017 Section 8.6.2.

According to ACIL, “No other program ranks participating laboratories’ based on customer responses to satisfaction with services or requires a signed code of ethics and data integrity statement by each laboratory location.”

This is the second consecutive year IPA Laboratories has participated and been awarded ACIL’s Customer Quality Service Award. “This unique program provides a way to highlight the exceptional service we provide, which we feel distinguishes us from other laboratories,” noted Katelyn Simpson, director of laboratory services at IPA Laboratories. “We are grateful to ACIL for this esteemed recognition and remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of service excellence in the industry.”