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One-on-one with Tia Emery

Tia Emery, of Miles Supply, talks about her experience being a woman in the industry, as well as ways for women to get involved.

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SW: First, if you don’t mind talk a bit about your history in the stone industry

TE: I work for mile supply. Our corporate headquarters are based out of Berry, Vermont. I'm located in Overton, Georgia. We are in 5 States across the country. I have been here almost 14 years. I grew up in this town, Overton. Some of you may or may not be familiar, that we have a lot of granite here, and that granite is used mostly for monuments and landscaping purposes. So I've been around this industry my entire life and it just so happened at the time I wasn't working. I was home with my first young son, and I was ready to get back into the workforce, and that, you know this company had a job opening and accounting, and it seemed to fit my life at the time, and so seemed like a good opportunity of just, you know, for me. And so I've started working here, and I've been here ever since.

SW: When did you start getting involved with Women in Stone? What has your role with them been?

TE: I started at the beginning of 2019, but the reason I got started was towards the end of 2018. Of course, our company. We've been a NSI member for probably 10 plus years, or as long as I've been here. And so I would see. The weekly emails that would come out. And I'd see different things. For this women in stone. I had actually attended my first trade show I was able to go to coverings in Atlanta. That was, I think, April of 2018, and I remember at the time I was at our booth, and one of our sales manager. He's like, I've got to do this presentation thing. This women in stone group. They're gonna be coming around. And so I remember them coming around to our booth, and they were having, whatever their little event they were doing. And I thought, you know what, this sounds pretty interesting, let me just see what this is all about. So they have a welcome webinar and I figured that makes the most sense for me to jump on one of these calls.

I participated in the Mentorship program, which always starts in March, and ended up with the phenomenal mentor, Monica Galway of Tennessee Marble. From there I joined the subcommittee and just got more involved. I thought this seems like a really good opportunity for me professionally as well as personally so it just went from there. Then I went to the steering committee a couple of years ago.