Aardwolf Industries introduces the ultimate solution for storing and transporting your finished work - the Demountable Frame! Crafted with a sturdy and reliable structure, the frame provides the utmost safety and security for your valuable materials.

Say goodbye to the hassle and stress of transporting materials, the frame comes equipped with a special rubber layer that provides unparalleled protection. Plus, with two convenient hooking points, you can easily hook the frame to an overhead crane for effortless transportation.
 The Demountable Frame also features a handy stick-out handle, making it even easier to transport your materials from point A to point B. And for those who require even more convenience, the frames are designed to be easily loaded onto trucks using a forklift or crane.

Invest in Aardwolf Industries’ Demountable Frame today and experience the ultimate in safe, secure and hassle-free material transportation!

For more information or if you have questions or require product information, contact Aardwolf Customer Support at info@aardwolf.com.au or 84 931 707 793.