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Stone World is excited for this year’s Fabricator of the Year competition. We have a line-up of worthy candidates for our 2022 Award. To further highlight our nominees and assist our followers in getting to know them a little better, we have asked each one to answer a few questions. Here’s what Laura Grandlienard had to say.

SW: What do you like most about working in the stone industry?

LG: Each day is different, and the challenges presented keep everyone sharp. Solving the unique situations that arise in custom projects bonds our team as we strive for excellence. From custom residential builders and interior design firms to commercial projects, every application of stone is special and requires the very best from each team member.

SW What is something that most people don’t know about you that you’d like to share?

LG: What it is like to run a business in a male-dominated field, along with being Latina, in a profession that can benefit from more multicultural leaders.

SW: What is one of your most memorable experiences of working in the stone industry?

LG: I took a leap of faith early on in my stone career by special ordering a premium block of Calacutta marble – custom-cut approved block in full slab width of 5cm, 3cm and 2cm thicknesses. Working with our distributor and the quarry directly to make selections on material of that caliber was such a privilege. The anticipation of the delivery was intense, and seeing the marble fabricated and installed, and the pure joy it brought to the client, was the best reward.

SW: What makes you unique compared to your competitors?

LG: At ROCKin’teriors, we don’t measure our success by the number of kitchens or square footage we cut, but by the experience we provide for our clients and homeowners.

SW: What does it mean to you to be nominated for Stone World’s Fabricator of the Year Award?

LG: It is an honor to be among those nominated for this award by such a high-profile periodical so respected in our industry. It is a wonderful opportunity to share the passion my team has for the work we do to such a wide audience. Stone is not an easy industry, and it is humbling to be recognized for our efforts to create beautiful finished work from the bounty that Mother Nature offers.

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