Ege Seramik America has brought another innovative wall tile to market, which cannot be ignored. Meet "Flow," a state-of -the-art porcelain wall tile. It is offered in six different finishes that highly resemble glass but actually are constructed of durable porcelain. Flow is not only easy on the eyes; its 3- x 12-inch format is ideal for a myriad of vertical applications such as kitchen backsplashes, shower and tub surrounds and frankly, whatever one's creative mind may conjure.

Available in natural tones of black, white, ivory, sand grey, sand beige and taupe, Flow can result in any number of design possibilities, from muted to avant garde. "One very nice aspect about our Flow product," added Alp Er, general manager of Ege Seramik America, is that it is so versatile. It may be chosen for the most up-to-date bathrooms or, for the most traditional kitchens. One way or the other, it performs at optimal levels. Translated, that means it's easy to clean and incredibly durable."