Deerfield Beach, FloridaNovoplan HFL is MAPEI’s smoothest, high-flow, self-leveling underlayment available. Designed for use on interior concrete and engineer-approved concrete floors, Novoplan HFL moves quickly for ease of application.

“It basically allows contractors to pour the floor and go. There is little to no need for finishing tools,” said Jeff Johnson, Business Manager for MAPEI’s Floor Covering Installation Systems line. “Novoplan HFL flows faster and farther than any of our previous levelers. And, the fast flow rate and smooth finish save time on installations.”

Novoplan HFL is suitable for use under carpet, resilient, wood and ceramic flooring, and can also be used to level, smooth and repair radiant-heated floors. The calcium aluminate-based self-leveler is rated for interior residential, commercial, heavy-commercial and industrial applications. It can withstand moisture vapor up to 8 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. (3.63 kg per 92.9 m2).

Novoplan HFL is VOC-free,” Johnson said. “It passes both Rule #1168 of California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District [SCAQMD] for 0 grams per liter and Section 01350 of the California Department of Public Health [CDPH]. This means that it can easily be used in occupied spaces – the SLU can be poured in one room while life goes on in another.”

Contractors who have tried Novoplan HFL are in agreement that this self-leveler is a floor- and time-saving favorite. According to Universal Flooring in Omaha, NE, “This was the best self-leveler we have ever used. It mixed and poured easily. You can almost pour it out and walk away. You do not need to overwork the leveler with a smoothing tool or spike roller, and very little raking. We simply poured and basically walked away with little placement activity besides pushing it to the desired location.”