Nicolai CNC tools are quality oriented CNC profile tooling tailored towards operation on all materials, and have been proven successful throughout the market. Manufactured with ample water holes for appropriate lubrication during any application, the tools in general, have a more concentrated surface area of diamonds, which provides better finish/polish. Nicolai boasts an additional 1 to 1.5mm of bonded material to the diameter of standard DM60/80 tools. In order to consider high speeds, the fabricator will need to be able to provide enough water volume, tolerance accuracy (on the CNC x, y, z axis), and also awareness of maintenance, in regards to tool dressing, measuring and refurbishing. The core and resin composition of Nicolai’s rubber polishers are categorized as medium/hard. This is advantageous for retaining the profile shape over time, optimum pressure against the stone and forgiveness when mistakes happen.