QUEBEC, CANADA – Polycor announced a shift in its shareholder ownership. The international stone producer’s partnership with Torquest/Wynnchurch/PNC is giving way to a new group of investors, Birch Hill Equity Partners.

The company’s journey over the past five years has been simply unbelievable and unique. “We are tremendously grateful for everything our former partners have helped us accomplish,” stated Polycor. “They made it possible for us to push through obstacles, and we have built some wonderful things. We send them our heartfelt thanks. 

“Because of our strong foundation, we remain highly ambitious and have more energy than ever to pursue our adventure with Birch Hill Equity Partners,” Polycor went on to say. “We look forward to building our success and theirs through growth and excellence. We invite you to watch the following video to celebrate this important milestone and express our gratitude to our partners – both old and new.”