VERONA, ITALY – There is excitement building at Marmomac 2021 right now about the Icon Award, which was founded by Marmomac in 2016 to recognize the project on display in The Italian Stone Theatre that most stands out from the others through aesthetic impact and symbolic value. For the 2021 edition of the show, it will be the first time that attendees of the event will be able to select the winning piece of work. This will take place in two possible ways: directly during the trade show itself by voting on multimedia totems located near the exhibition areas or remotely by indicating personal preferences on Marmomac's social media networks. The hashtags to which to refer for research and voting of posts dedicated to the Icon Award are: #MarmomacIconAward, #TheItalianStoneTheatre and #timeinstone. As in previous years, all the installations created and exhibited in The Italian Stone Theatre -- Time in Stone will take part. This year sees an original set-up in Halls 11 and 12 of the Verona Exhibition Centre. The hashtags referring to the Icon Award are not the only ones to be consulted to stay updated on what happens at the fair: #backtomarmomac and #marmomac are the official tags stories and posts of visitors participating in the exhibition that will be reshared from Marmomac’s Instagram account. The winning image of the 2019 Icon Award, which was used for the Marmomac 2021 promotional campaign in the months leading up to the event, is Gerico (shown) conceived by designer Lorenzo Palmeri and created by Vicentina Marmi in collaboration with Donatoni Macchine.