CASALGRANDE, ITALY -- Brick walls are the symbol of a whole aesthetic concept, derived from the recovery of historic buildings in urban areas. This icon, reinterpreted today in porcelain stoneware, is a formidable resource for interior design, offering a versatile, creative element for indoor and outdoor walls.

Composed of three different collections (Nuances, Muretto and Petra) in the 8.2- x 25-cm size, with a natural, lucida or satin surface, Brickworks by Casalgrande Padana is the new range of decorations in porcelain stoneware that’s perfect for teaming with any of Casalgrande Padana’s ceramic tiles with a concrete, marble, metal, wood or stone effect. This is a modern, versatile range dedicated to the charm of decoration to bring a stylish, creative touch to walls and floors in a variety of applications.

The versatility and excellent technical performance of Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware make Brickworks the ideal choice for all kinds of uses, from residential, commercial and public buildings to the walls of shops, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and wellness areas, both indoors and outdoors. The material quality of Casalgrande Padana stoneware decorations thus makes a stylish entrance into contemporary living spaces as an actual furnishing element, embracing the desire for sophisticated, elegant, creative covering solutions for settings with a minimalist, modern, metropolitan, country, rustic, vintage, Provençal, coastal, shabby or boho chic flavor.

This modern, versatile range of decorations has been conceived to offer designers and interior designers the most suitable solution for every need: a creative resource with enormous potential, ready to enrich settings with a simple yet sophisticated look, experimenting with novel, original pairings and combinations to bring elegance and style to all kinds of environments.



Colors and surfaces are the key to the new Nuances collection by Casalgrande Padana, offering an invitation to experiment with novel, original pairings and combinations. A range of decorations in porcelain stoneware with a minimal, contemporary design, with a rich, modern range of colors featuring eight different shades: from white to black with Neve and Petunia, with two elegant, modern shades of gray in between, as well as sophisticated blue-green hues. This varied color range comes in two surface finishes that are opposites in terms of light reflection, with the satin version reflecting no light, in contrast to the bright lux version.

A perfect blend of style and function, with a range of simple shades and uniform plain colors to enliven any kind of setting, embellishing and decorating the plain, anonymous walls of public and commercial spaces and bringing personal, cozy character to residential settings.



Available in six colors (Bianco, Calce, Grigio, Lava, Nero and Mattone), with a natural surface and a light, pleasant pattern featuring delicate shading effects, the new Muretto collection of stoneware decorations offers a versatile, creative interior design resource for both indoor and outdoor coverings. Offered in a single 8.2- x 25-cm size, the new collection of Muretto decorations can be used for a range of different, creative laying patterns: from horizontal to staggered joints that recall the typical brickwork pattern, to geometric laying schemes with overlapping joints, as well as vertical installation. Together with furnishings, accessories and drapes, the porcelain stoneware decorations in the new Muretto collection have an important role to play in furnishing style and are able to complement other materials and team with other collections from the wide range offered by Casalgrande Padana with a concrete, wood, stone, marble or metal effect, shaping settings with striking appeal and character.



Composed of imperfect veining effects and delicate earthy and sandy shades with a modern design, the stone-effect stoneware decorations in the new Petra collection team the natural beauty of quartzite with the resistance and versatility of porcelain stoneware. Reminiscent of the skillful building methods of times gone by, this stoneware covering, in the stone-effect variant, recreates the colors and structures of stone to bring a uniquely classy allure to residential buildings, creating pleasant backdrops to offer a surprisingly smooth total-look effect that makes a seamless style transition between indoors and outdoors.

The versatile stone-effect decorations by Casalgrande Padana are able to adapt to a huge variety of styles, adding character and personality to every setting. This makes them the ideal solution to embellish facades or outside walls of porticoes, terraces, balconies and patios, or as a covering for a small area of the garden or the inside walls of public areas such as shops, restaurants, hotels or wellness areas. The allure of stone blends with the practical, reliable qualities of Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware to offer innovative, high-performance solutions.


Facade Coverings

Thanks to the excellent performance of porcelain stoneware, the stoneware decorations in the Brickworks range are also the ideal choice for covering the exterior of any type of architectural construction, from public buildings and industrial complexes to residential buildings. Stoneware facade coverings offer important advantages for buildings in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, eliminating the thermal bridges that cause heat dispersion and thus saving a significant amount of money. These facade coverings also make it possible to eliminate surface condensation and localized mold, improving the appearance of the building and maintaining its aesthetic and technical characteristics over the years. In addition, Bios Self Cleaning technology also offers significant advantages in terms of reducing maintenance times and costs, as well as making an effective contribution to improving air quality. The superhydrophilicity of the Bios Self Cleaning ceramic surface is able to eliminate the pollutants present in the air and break down the dirt that settles on the surface of the tiles, so that it can be washed away by rainwater.

Outdoor walls are thus enhanced by a sophisticated volume effect and an elegant weave of geometries embellished by the impact of the sun’s ray during the day and the interplay of shadows after dark. A uniquely precious, modern, simple, sophisticated covering able to evoke the emotions of a bygone age.