Jobsite App Mobile App by Stone Profit Systems recently was honored in the Innovation category of the 2021 Best of StonExpo Awards at The International Surface Event (TISE) in Las Vegas, NV. Dylan Weschler of Stone Profit Systems recently shared with Stone World some insight into the mobile app.

SW: What was the thought process in designing the mobile app for your customers?

SP: We needed an easier way for our customers to access information while on the road or away from their computers. People are on their phones now more than ever before and designing a mobile app that is easy to use and convenient for our customers seemed like a no-brainer.

SW: If you had to name a few benefits of the app what would they be?

SP: The ability to add photos to an order directly from your phone and collect customer signatures is super beneficial. We've also gotten a lot of good feedback on allowing resources to clock in and out (with hourly wage tracking) when they show up to a jobsite; this helps with job costing and means that the employee doesn't have to remember to log their hours later.

SW: What would you tell someone who is thinking about transitioning to digital technology and considering a software program such as yours?

SP: If you're in a situation where you spend more time printing and filing job information than you do making sales then it's time to make a switch. A lot of companies define processes around their inefficiencies. Having Stone Profit Systems allows a company to identify those inefficiencies and move toward a future where true cost and profit visibility is not only attainable, but the standard.

SW: How does it feel to have won the Best of StonExpo award for the Innovation category?

SP: It is truly an honor. We couldn't be more thrilled.