NEW YORK, NY -- Reflecting the union of Moorish and European designs found throughout the world, Andalucia is Walker Zanger’s red clay tile collection inspired by a uniquely connected blend of cultures. It is one of many ceramic collections made from the tile design resource’s factory in San Miguel de Allende, a Mexican city known for its historic and culturally rooted traditions in art, design and tile-making. Artisans at the San Miguel factory skillfully mold, cure, glaze and hand-paint red clay that has been locally sourced, creating intricate tile designs that are deeply connected to the region.

Two designs from this collection are directly inspired by the vibrant city: “Puerta,” a 10- x 10-inch design inspired by an intricately detailed door near Walker Zanger’s factory, while the “San Miguel” design finds inspiration in the Mexican city’s famed baroque Spanish architecture. The cool color palette mirrors Moorish motifs, including shades of white and subtle blues in an antique patina.

Consider the Andalucia collection for a story on the unique intersection of modern design and artisanal tile-making in San Miguel de Allende.