BOSTON, MA -- “Now more than ever, taking precautions to minimize the spread of airborne particulates in any indoor environment is essential for owners, specifiers and contractors alike,” said Scott Banda, chief commercial officer for Dust Hog Pro LLC. “The Dust Hog® is the ultimate dust reducing, vacuum attachment tool and we have test data to prove it.”

This breakthrough solution was invented by a professional contractor and thoroughly field-tested and refined over the past year to ensure durability and performance. Made in the U.S. of high-visibility, rugged, polypropylene plastic, the Dust Hog fits most mixing containers including 1-, 5-, 30- and 50-gallon pails and drums.

The Dust Hog is ideal when mixing cement, mortar, joint compound, stucco and other powdered materials on commercial and residential jobsites. Simply insert the vacuum hose of most shop vacuums into the Dust Hog, hang the unit on the rim of the mixing container, turn on the vacuum and begin mixing. A one-minute video is available on the company’s website at, which succinctly explains the product’s benefits and usage instructions.

“The Dust Hog utilizes our proprietary Vortex Suction Technology™ to create a high-velocity, circular air current throughout the mixing container,” Banda said. “Its patent-pending design has been specifically engineered with dual intake ports extending below the container rim, greatly enhancing vacuum suction performance.”

The company offers complete test data from an independent laboratory, backing up all impressive claims, which is available on its website. Also available is a three-part, architectural specification for jobsites that require more thorough documentation.

The Dust Hog may be purchased individually, in cases of six or in pallet quantities. The company is actively seeking distribution channel partners globally to help protect the many professionals in our industry, as well as building occupants from the hazards of mixing powdered materials indoors.