The standard 4-foot-wide modules of the VIC International Veri-Dry Dust Collector can be installed side by side to build optional-width environmental work stations. Customers can select the type and depth of the enclosure to suit the requirements of the application, and they can choose just one module or make an entire wall of modules with or without the many enclosure options. Enclosures are not required, but are recommended and can be constructed by the customer to provide optimal benefits. These can be from plastic, plywood, etc.

Each self-contained module is rated at 4500-5000 cfm. Air flow is generated by a 3-phase, 7.5-hp direct-drive, backward-inclined centrifugal blower. A roll-out dust collection tray with dust boxes makes disposing of dust easy and efficient. A small amount of compressed air is required to provide the reverse-pulse self cleaning, which pulses the dust off the cartridges down into the collection tray. Cartridges can be accessed from the front or back for easy changing.

Vic reports that cartridge dust collectors have been used for three decades in the general dust collection industry with great success and on hundreds of different types of fumes, dusts and powders. The cartridges can often be used for two to three years without replacement costs, according to the company. Efficiency is 99.97% on submicron dust particles resulting from the dry grinding of granite, limestone, quartzite, bluestone, marble, etc. The VIC Veri-Dry Dust System meets OSHA standards for the removal of airborne particles, particularly silica, when installed and used according to manufacturer's specifications.

Specifications include

  • Automatic self-cleaning pulse unit

  • Modular design system

  • Width: 4 feet, 3 inches

  • Depth: 34 inches

  • Height: 7 feet, 10 inches

  • 4,500-5,000 cfm

  • 7.5-hp motor for stone application

  • 208/230/460, 3 phase, 60 cycle

  • Inlet air wings-optional (enclosure recommended for OSHA)

  • Filter cartridge life expectancy: two to three years

  • 75 psi dry compressed air required (3 cfm during pulse cycle)

  • Easy-handling dust boxes for collected material

  • Expert technical assistance available from manufacturer

  • Shipping weight is approximately 1,000 lbs

  • Normally shipped in less than four weeks