The Denver Quota CNC machine, distributed in the U.S. by VIC International, has a small footprint specifically designed for the small to mid-sized fabricator.

A product of Denver Co. of San Marino, Italy, the 3-axis CNC machine can work on pieces up to 65 x 118 inches. It is a full-featured machining center designed to produce countertops and bowl openings as well as radius corners, sink cutouts and odd-shaped islands. It can also be used for standard faucet holes and edge profiling.

All axes are servo-controlled for accuracy, along with traverse on linear motion ways and bearings to provide smooth precise movement. Other standard features are an automatic lubrication system, air-conditioned control panel, integral vacuum pump, bellows covers, color screen at the control panel and a remote pendant control. In addition to the standard features, the Quota is available with options that include automatic tool change with a 21-position rack, tilting spindle for drain boards, laser template reader and more.

The CAD and CAM software is a simple Windows-based program, according to the company, and input to the machine can come from a variety of sources other than drawing in CAD. The Quota will accept “.dxf” files from any other CAD program as well as data from sink suppliers, digitizing tables or photo templating devices. Jobs can also be programmed on a desktop or laptop computer then transferred to the Quota.