The Dutch tile manufacturer expands their range of ceramic (unglazed porcelain) tile solutions, offering architects and designers expanded design possibilities. The Core Collection features new and innovative modular shapes with new colors, textures, and sizes that can be combined into patterns so designing signature surfaces is easier than ever before.

Colors and Textures
Core Collection is developed to support the design process and make selecting ceramic tiles truly seamless. The series includes a total of 39 colors all of which flawlessly match the existing Mosa tile series of Solids (rich layered texture), Terra (matte, soft powdery feel), and Quartz (robust, granite-like look).

The new tones are aligned and vary from light to dark, neutral to striking, and warm to cool. Cool porcelain white and basalt grey are but a few examples of the palette, with accents colors such as rust red and blue.


Shapes and Sizes
Look for seven new, innovative shapes, including squares, rectangles, circles and triangular pieces that allow architects and interior designers to create myriad signature spaces. All tile shapes and sizes have been especially designed in a modular system that enables architects and designers to combine different shapes and sizes with a sharp and clean end result. It also ensures all material is used for little cutting loss.

Architects and designers can use Mosa’s online design tool, the Mosa Pattern Generator, to create their own mix-and-match selection from across all Core Collection tiles. Mosa also offers an extensive variety of set combinations. This presents designers with a range of high quality options, from the dynamic to the serene, and from the flamboyant to the subtle.


Sustainable design
Adhering to Mosa’s ongoing commitment to environmental and social sustainability, Core Collection has been designed to follow the company’s guiding principles. All products are Cradle-to-Cradle® Silver certified.