Cosentino, the world leader in quartz, natural stone, and recycled surface production, today announces an expanded color offering for Dekton Slim, the large format surface with an ultra-thin 4-mm thickness, which includes four hues from the celebrated Dekton 2020 Collection and the Natural Collection.

The new colors include Helena, Laurent and Rem from the recently launched Dekton 2020 Collection, and Aura15, a luminary from the Natural Collection. These latest additions bring the Dekton Slim offering to a total of 20 contemporary colors, further expanding the potential applications for the material.

  Following its 2019 launch, the 4mm Dekton Slim has received tremendous acclaim from A+D professionals, contractors and fabricators alike. At half the thickness of the thinnest slab the brand previously offered, Dekton Slim offers new solutions for projects demanding high-performance, while boasting easy installation in an array of applications: Furniture, cabinetry doors and drawers, backsplashes, wall cladding and more. 

“In today’s market, materials that provide a creative edge and save time in installation are paramount,” says ​Massimo Ballucchi, Director of Marketing for Cosentino Americas. “We continue to be so inspired by how design professionals use Dekton Slim to infuse striking elements in their residential, commercial and hospitality projects and are excited to expand the color offerings to include some of our most sought-after hues.” 

The new introductions include:

Dekton Aura15 features a striking white background with dark veins, inspired by Calacatta and Carrara marbles.

Dekton Helena has a translucent appearance of white and grey hues and is inspired by onyx natural stone.

Dekton Laurent is inspired by the natural stone Port Laurent. The striking colorway features a dramatic dark brown background crisscrossed with veins of gold.

Dekton Rem resembles one of the most elegant white marbles in the market, thanks to the minimalist design of its brown and grey veins with gold touches, its austerity and linear structure of the Calacatta Lincoln is boosted.

Created from a sophisticated blend of raw materials from glass, quartz and porcelain, Dekton has a high resistance to UV rays, scratches, stains and thermal shock. Its ease of care is unrivaled; it is quickly cleaned with a damp cloth and soap, and no sealing is required. Its large format (3,200 mm x 1,440 mm) covers sizable surfaces, reducing a large number of joints and in turn, dirt.