PB Marble Services has introduced a new shop money saver, the SinkMatic CNC. This sink cutout machine was made to help small and medium shops save time and money – to get a beautiful finish in no time with minimal hands on deck.

No specific machine such as this has been made before, according to the manufacturer. The beauty in this CNC is the 11 automatic tool changer, a powerful 10HP spindle with three servo motors to move it.

There is a suction cup system to restrain the stone for application and a three-sided opening means that you can cut a sink in any size, including counter, vanity or even an island, and any material, including marble, granite, quartz and ceramic. The fact is, if you need to make a vanity smaller than 43 x 23 inches, it will also finish the edges.

The software is user-friendly. It comes with pre-installed shapes – only add your dimension and you are ready to go. For odd shapes, you can load a CAD file. By loading CAD files, the machine can also do inclined recessed drain boards – profiling and polishing.

The extra trolley can easily transport and hold the big slab. The installation is “plug and play,” but the most important part is the training which is included. PB Marble Services can also assist remotely since the controller PC comes with a network connection.

The manufacturer has a technician in the U.S. and is ready for any issue you might have.