There are so many options to choose from for a kitchen countertop, but nothing is more timeless than marble.
Marble is an authentic stone that wears and patinas with time adding to the character and beauty. It’s truly a timeless material that has been in use for centuries! 
What makes Vermont Cipollino marble different?
Vermont Cipollino, just like other selections of Vermont Danby Marble®, is less likely to stain due to its density – very simply it is less porous than other marbles. 
I’ve had countless encounters where wine or coffee was left on the marble overnight and did not leave a mark.
In addition, Vermont Cipollino is a great material to be used for flooring and landscaping. Whether your project calls for interior or exterior application, it is great for both.
Thank you for considering the use of our beautiful marble as part of your next project.
Peter Prvulovic
Director of Sales & Marketing