Deerfield Beach, FL – MAPEI introduces Ultrabond Spray RFA and Ultrabond Spray CTA, two new spray adhesives that represent a revolution in carpet and resilient flooring installations. Designed to replace trowel-applied adhesives, these aerosolized, water-based, high-performance, acrylic adhesives allow installers to stand upright during the application process.

"There is no more need for kneeling and crawling around on floors during installs," explained Jeff Johnson, MAPEI’s Business Manager for the Floor Covering Installation Systems line. "These are both highly engineered, ultra pure, aerosol adhesive formulations that are applied from a standing position, thereby immensely speeding up the application process." Ultrabond Spray RFA is intended for use with resilient flooring, while Ultrabond Spray CTA is designed for use with carpet tiles.

Both sprays feature high moisture resistence for bond durability, superior tack for secure floor placement, and extended coverage when compared to trowel-applied adhesives – one can of Ultrabond Spray RFA or Ultrabond Spray CTA is the equivalent of one gallon of traditional adhesive. "The sprays have a quick drying time that permits immediate foot traffic," Johnson said. "And their bond performance is equal to traditional adhesives, but the quicker, easier installation method uses less material in less time – saving time, money… and your knees."

To find out more about the evolution of spray adhesive technology, visit or call MAPEI’s Technical Services Department at 1-800-992-6273 (U.S. and Puerto Rico) or 1-800-361-9309 (Canada).