Chattanooga, TN - Dawn D. Totty of Dawn D. Totty Designs took home the First Place honor for “Best Interior Designer” at the 2019 “Best of the Best” Awards on the evening of Thursday, October 3. The formal event, which was organized by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, was held at the Chattanooga Convention Center. In a crowd of around 2,000 attendees, nearly every profession from the beauty industry to the medical field was represented by their top-performing professionals.  

“I was in awe of the quality of the professionals in the room, and how grateful I was to be among them,” recalled Totty.

“The Best of the best” are Chattanooga’s Official People’s Choice Awards, and the chance for local residents to make their voices heard. She was awarded the “Best Interior Designer” award for the Jasper area as well. Totty, who both professionally and personally values her clients, knows it is them who made this client-voted award possible. 

We did this! This is a win for us! My clients, my friends, my family – I love you all so much,” expressed Totty.

Dawn D. Totty is an innovative Interior Designer focused on service, customization, enhancing property value and affordably designing spaces to reach their full potential. Whether a home or business renovation, she has been successfully meeting individual needs and bringing personal visions to life, everywhere she goes. As a self-described “problem solver,” Totty consistently creates spaces which reflect her client’s personal styles. With a background which began in the New York Fashion industry, Totty has been designing people, places and spaces for 23 years.

In addition to her aesthetic talents and undeniable creativity, lies the mind of an entrepreneur. She’s a real estate investor with a highly favorable track record. She has been known to consistently make sizeable profits off of her investments as she has a trained eye for what potential buyers look for. From homes to business environments, Totty’s designs have been positively impacting lives both personally and professionally.