TUCKER, GA -- GranQuartz now offers same-day delivery from 14 locations in major markets across the country. “GQ> Today” allows for an order placed before 1p.m. local time to be guaranteed to be delivered by 5 p.m. that same day. The service will cost $25 for standard service from 10 of the company’s locations and $40 for standard service from four additional locations, including Regent Stone Products in Virginia Beach, VA. Standard service is within 20 miles of distribution locations and 75 pounds or less. Customers can schedule deliveries for beyond 20 miles and/or above 75 pounds for an additional fee.

“We’re excited about this new service, as it further delivers on our promise to provide the largest selection of products faster than anyone in the industry,” said CEO Dan Davidenko, explaining that GranQuartz and Regent Stone Products have been working with customers to determine how better to serve them. “Coupled with the recent expansion of our Chicago distribution center, GranQuartz and Regent are able to deliver to 99% of the population in two days, 75% of the population in one day, and now offer same-day delivery in 14 major markets. GQ>Today is another way we’re able to provide value to our customers.”