ETemplate Systems, an expert in digital measuring, has released its second generation ELaser Xpress Templating System powered by award-winning ETemplate Measure Manager software.

This new Xpress, which was released January 23, 2019, features enhanced speed, averaging one second per point, accuracy of 1mm for a typical-sized space, digital leveling and all new compact design with rugged case coming in at a very portable 13 pounds. These enhancements, along with the automated countertop functions within Measure Manager, allow the user to create templates much faster. Setup, shoot your points and hit enter.

“We are constantly improving our products through feedback from our clients, our own engineers and programmers, industry partners and CNC manufacturers delivering seamless compatibility with all CNC machinery,” said ETemplate’s vice president, Ted Allen. “Our goal is to help our clients make the transition to digital as easy as possible, integrate with their machinery and deliver the best in features, functionality and ease of use for our users, thereby increasing production and profitability for our clients.” 

The ELaser Xpress templating system is designed to be user friendly, highly portable, feature rich, fast and affordable. With digital technology and industry 4.0 being the trend, ETemplate Systems is committed to providing innovative solutions for the rapidly changing stone industry.