ETemplate Systems, a world leader in 3D digital measuring technology for the as-built construction market, has introduced a new surface analysis tool within their Measure Manager™ software. This new tool allows companies to easily analyze surface flatness for their design and installation processes.

The analysis can be performed on a CAD model that is created in the measure process, or from a CAD model that is imported into the software. The analysis identifies the ‘high point’ on the surface and marks it in red. It also labels all other data points with their deviations from the identified high point.

Using the analysis data, the user is able to modify the space design based on the high point, as well as identify required shim values for wall cladding applications. This process eliminates manual measuring methods at both the as built design stage, as well as the layout and installation stage.

The data to be used in the analysis can be collected by using ETemplate’s award-winning ELaser™ systems or any other data collection technology such as cloud scanners. The 3D data can even be combined from several measuring technologies.