Prodim has been supplying complete digital templating package solutions to stone templators and fabricators for over two decades now. The Proliner measuring device has always been at the center of each package, completed by dedicated digital templating software for the stone industry. As a leading specialist, Prodim invests heavily in the continuous development of the Proliner stone package, making the best even better! The latest improvements:

Proliner hardware: Easier handling and upgraded capacity

Prodim has implemented several upgrades on the Proliner hardware; the grip on the measuring pen has been improved for easier handing. The measuring wire is now better visible for the more “unaware” co-workers on-site. Looking at the “inside” of the Proliner, the storage capacity has quadrupled and the overall battery management has improved.

Proliner Generation 4.X software update

Building upon last year’s successful introduction of Proliner software Generation 4.X, Prodim recently released a new update. The update brings new editing features for easier alignment of cut-outs and the “closed shape check” is a new helpful feature for creating closed production pieces.

Two new smartphone apps; Proliner Remote and Proliner Update

Prodim developed two new smartphone applications (Android) connecting with the Proliner. The Proliner Remote app enables operators to use their smartphone as the Proliner remote controller. The second app, Proliner Update, uses the internet connection of the smartphone to update the Proliner software anywhere, anytime!

Prodim Factory update 3.0

Last year, just before Marmomac, Prodim enabled the direct import of Proliner measurement files for editing in the Factory Draw module. Factory Draw is a fast and easy-to-use CAD drawing (desktop) software that further extends the functionalities of the Proliner Edit software. Both, Proliner newbies and Proliner veterans, confirmed that Factory Draw is easy to master and contributes to the easier processing and finalization of digital templates.

Following the development plan, actively integrating customer feedback, Prodim recently released Prodim Factory 3.0. The recent update has improved the data flow from the Proliner for easier use in all Factory modules. Projects and pictures can now be imported using a smartphone and a slab stock overview has been added to the Factory Slab Creator module.

Prodim exhibiting at Coverings and the Natural Stone Show

The complete Proliner Stone package can be seen firsthand at the Coverings Show in Orlando, USA: Booth 3093 and at the Natural Stone Show in London, UK: Booth P69. Prodim invites all stone templators and fabricators to experience themselves why Prodim and Proliner technology offers the most return on investment in the industry.